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About Spleen 4 for cold feet and Yang

published: 03-18-2020

Chad Is Spleen 4 for Spleen Yang? Also is it suitable for cold feet as feet get cold

Preventatives and treatment for COVID 19

published: 02-23-2020

I was just reading about this new coronavirus and wanting to be prepared should it spread to my area. I would like to …

MIcrocurrant machine

published: 01-20-2017

Hi I have a microcurrent machine for horses but can use it on people…how do I treat someone with acid reflux with these…

Diarrhoea after knee replacement

published: 03-03-2016

Hi my mother went into bilateral knee replacement operation on 18-12-2015 since then after she came in post Opp doctors…

Age : 64 years. Female. Antral Gastritis

published: 02-06-2016

Is there any Remedy? How to give treatment? TCM points.

What's Best Heat point for OVERCOOLING condition

published: 11-26-2015

Greetings! Can i ask some effective points for OVERCOOLING condition with Qi def. Tongue diagnosis with white coating a…

Contraction of gallbladder

published: 11-23-2015

Can i ask some comments about contraction of gallbladder, its cause and some acu points. The patient becomes thin, alwa…

Liver deficiency

published: 10-13-2014

Dear dr, my son aged 2, is frequently attacked by cold, followed by cough and wheezing. He is currently on Homoeo treat…

Moxa for hotflashes

published: 01-03-2011

I've come across a study showing that moxa greatly reduced hotflashes occurrences as well as severity of hotflashes. …

Diaphragmic Congenital Defect

published: 12-21-2009

I had to have emergency surgery to repair a large hole in my diaphragm. It was repaired by stapling a 6" x 8" mesh ove…

Abdominal Nine Needles HIV/AIDS

published: 11-22-2009

Hi, Has anyone heard about this 9 needle technique? I came across something but am not sure what it is. Here is the l…

Celiac Plexus (CV14 area)

published: 03-30-2009

Hi-Is it okay to Tong Ren tap around the CV14 area. I have a blockage in that area. I know it is a large network of ner…

What are Wan Points?

published: 05-21-2008

CV 10, 12 and 13, I think. Kiko Masumaoto used these on me for RSD syndrome Plus GB 22 and 23 and Stomach Chi points. T…

GB 26 pain

published: 04-02-2008

Dear Colleages, One of my 42 YO friends have got a painful bilaterally on the points of GB 26 for several months.That p…

Undesired to eat

published: 11-02-2007

can you give some points how to treat a 13 yrs old child, who had a fever before and now, he is having the ilnness of u…

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