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Chad Is Spleen 4 for Spleen Yang? Also is it suitable for cold feet as feet get cold

I was just reading about this new coronavirus and wanting to be prepared should it spread to my area. I would like to have some formulas ready for my clients. It seems the symptoms are dry cough, fever, and possibly shortness of breath. I have Yin Qiao on hand. Wondering about Shuang Huang lian …

View MIcrocurrant machine
published by anon35918, 01-20-2017

Hi I have a microcurrent machine for horses but can use it on people…how do I treat someone with acid reflux with these ting/jing points? where do I put the electrode for best results…thanks

Hi my mother went into bilateral knee replacement operation on 18-12-2015 since then after she came in post Opp doctors over dose her morphine to control pain and it had been 2 n half month still her diarrhoea not in control she is in hospital as her albumin ,sodium and hb is very low Diarrhoea is …

Is there any Remedy? How to give treatment? TCM points.

Greetings! Can i ask some effective points for OVERCOOLING condition with Qi def. Tongue diagnosis with white coating and excessively wet. Patient is unable to digest food and lack of appetite. Thanks. More power

View Contraction of gallbladder
published by anon1178, 11-23-2015

Can i ask some comments about contraction of gallbladder, its cause and some acu points. The patient becomes thin, always vomiting, a little pain on right side of his abdomen not desired to eat. Thanks to all…

View Liver deficiency
published by archived-user, 10-13-2014

Dear dr, my son aged 2, is frequently attacked by cold, followed by cough and wheezing. He is currently on Homoeo treatment. his Homoeo physician says his Liver is week, and so the digestion, which attacks his lungs later… his weight remains 10 for the past 1year… He is sensitive to sour food and c…

View Moxa for hotflashes
published by greendao, 01-03-2011

I've come across a study showing that moxa greatly reduced hotflashes occurrences as well as severity of hotflashes. Does anyone have details on what points would be the most beneficial for moxa use? If you could please post the acupoints as well as the source of the data, I'd appreciate it.

I had to have emergency surgery to repair a large hole in my diaphragm. It was repaired by stapling a 6" x 8" mesh over the right area, above my liver. My intestines and stomach had moved up into my chest cavity and collapsed part of my lung. The gallbladder was also removed. I have read a lot …

Hi, Has anyone heard about this 9 needle technique? I came across something but am not sure what it is. Here is the link to the study I found Any help would be really appreciated! Jambo

View Celiac Plexus (CV14 area)
published by SamL, 03-30-2009

Hi-Is it okay to Tong Ren tap around the CV14 area. I have a blockage in that area. I know it is a large network of nerves. If not is there another way to address that area.ThanksSam

View What are Wan Points?
published by misty, 05-21-2008

CV 10, 12 and 13, I think. Kiko Masumaoto used these on me for RSD syndrome Plus GB 22 and 23 and Stomach Chi points. Thank you, anyone Bill

View GB 26 pain
published by Tran_Nguyen, 04-02-2008

Dear Colleages, One of my 42 YO friends have got a painful bilaterally on the points of GB 26 for several months.That pain bothers him even in nightime, it makes him wake up at night and stayed awake.Other exams and the ten questions did not show anything.His tongue: WNLHis pulse: little wiry, weak…

View Undesired to eat
published by rodneyTT, 11-02-2007

can you give some points how to treat a 13 yrs old child, who had a fever before and now, he is having the ilnness of undesired to eat,, he did not eat for 2 days after he had a fever,, thanks,, rodneyTT

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