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Is there no acupressure point for treating ED?

View Right hand problem
published by Swathi, 01-14-2016

My dady right hand he can’t move easily

I am looking for some guidance on treating a woman who has experienced a missed abortion and would like to try acupuncture instead of going for a D&C. At the 10 week ultrasound the doctor discovered that the fetus stopped developing at around 6 weeks. At 10 weeks, she still has no sign of blee…

I finally understand the clarity of treating symptoms vs treating the patterns. The word ‘diagnose’ implies extreme certification and license? How, where, what options are there for people who want to ‘diagnose patterns’ for ‘use in acupressure’? IOW work authentically in the eyes of the law not a…

Can you give specifik point for induce labor, which condition that we can use it??

I’ve had success with LV3. What is your experience.

View Electro stimulator
published by archived-user, 05-08-2014

Submitted By: perwirajayaperkasahi, i'm wira from indonesia,i have question how to use electro stimulator becouse i confused to use that,i have YINGDI electro stimulator and how to use the electro stimulator for obesitas treatment thank you

View Tooth Abscess
published by archived-user, 04-02-2014

I HAve done Filling in my lower left molar tooth [3rd from back] 5 years ago. now from past six months am having pain & the gum is getting swollen every 2 months & pus coming out of gums [ might be abscess]. I want acupuncture treatment to Prevent anymore abscess there as the gums are still…

View Bloating
published by abhi67, 10-14-2011

hi, i am a lady 45 years old. i have a host of health problems. from 2004 i have bacterial vaginosis but now the symptoms are not there due to going thru ur site and applying some principles. i thank you for that now the problems that i am facing are my facial skin looks withered and lot of …

View Headach / Tong Ren
published by yvette08, 06-19-2011

Hi, I have a question to Tong Ren healing. I've been diagnosed a few years back with a underfunctional thyroid. I came along Tong Ren and got the treatment for three month in which the results have been just sightly under the normal results. My doctor kept telling me to go back to Levotroxin and …

Hello, I've had fatigue, muscle stiffness, and sleeping problems for the past 3 years due to an extremely stressful college semester. I managed to graduate last year January but at the cost of running my body down. Seeing a psychiatrist was the last thing I wanted to do but I decided to give it…

View Daily acupuncture
published by kicsiangelgirl, 04-02-2010

i have been diagnosed with yang rising heat and liver blood stagnation. i daily get headaches and red eyes from stress (and im always angry and frustrated and moody) i used to get acupuncture treatments once a week , it helped a lot. unfortunatly i have no more money left for the treatments, so …

View Hepatitis C
published by Quartz, 02-06-2010

I am a 26 year old looking to be healed through acupuncture.I have hepatitis C. Wtihin th last two years I have flared up with acne too.I always had "porceline-like" skin. Now my body seems to be showing this mostly on my face.It is "touchy" to everything and I instantly get rashes if the wrong pro…

Hello, I am treating a patient with polyneuropathy in both her feet. She did get that after chemo, for Kahler disease. She also has a kidneydeficiency (only working for 15%), so she has to drink a lot! Now after the first treatment it became worse and she can't wear her shoes anymore! Her feet are …

I have a patient who suffers from a watery burning left eye. It is wierd because it only occurs in that one eye. I can not figureout the underlying cause. I have achieved some results with her using LI 4, Gb 20, Bl 2, yu yao, st 2 ,LI 20 threaded thru to Bitong but they are only temporary fixes. W…

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