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can someone give me recommendations for points to treat swallowing problems

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published by Senthil.m, 12-07-2014

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View Lungs Cancer
published by amitv82, 02-25-2014

My Grandmother got lungs cancer and she got fluid in her lungs that causing difficult in breathing. If you can PLEASE suggest some very effective acupuncture/acupressure points to dry out that fluid or to get relief out of it.

View Abdominal Migraines
published by Hulda, 12-28-2011

I'm looking for information about abdominal migraines, as a search of Yin Yang House has not found any articles or discussions about them. I am an acupressurist. I have received information from the mother of a girl suffering from what she identifies as abdominal migraines: She has had several unex…

View Hesitance on neck points
published by I_Danne, 11-18-2011

When I use acupressure at home for neck & face pressure and ache, I seem to find relief with ST 11, ST 12 and LI 17. So, why is it acupuncturists (three of them anyway) will ignore my requests to tx them? GB 2 is somewhat effective. I am too shy to ask them myself.

I have a new patient who is suffering from digestive issues. His transit time is very rapid and he experiences pain 1 1/2 hours after eating that is accompanied with severe gas that is difficult to eliminate. He also suffers from atrial fibrillation. I don't know if these two are connected but wo…

View Saliva oversecretion
published by archived-user, 12-08-2010

Submitted By: peter_med I got an interesting case yestoday. 38 yo female from Mongolia with 4 weeks pregnancy started to have saliva oversecretion about two weeks ago. It seems the saliva secretes all the time so that she keeps using tissue suck the saliva, then dump to trash. During the about o…

I have read your answers to similar question but my question still remains. I treat an MS patient, once a week, for 30 minutes, since early April. Correct me if I am wrong but I understood that after a while I should decrease the frequency in order to let her body do its own job and not to beco…

View Morning Sickness
published by ninafaye, 03-02-2010

I have seen a young female patient 3 times for morning sickness. She is 8 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child and suffered throughout both previous pregnancies with nausea/vomiting. She is average height and weight, rests well, has good home support. Pulses are even, unremarkable. Tongue with thi…

View Hepatitis C
published by Quartz, 02-06-2010

I am a 26 year old looking to be healed through acupuncture.I have hepatitis C. Wtihin th last two years I have flared up with acne too.I always had "porceline-like" skin. Now my body seems to be showing this mostly on my face.It is "touchy" to everything and I instantly get rashes if the wrong pro…

I have a patient who comes in for shoulder pain however, he has massive sweating (mainly underarms) at any time of the day - without exersion. He has had this for "most of his life." I know this can be Lung Qi Xu or Yang or Qi xu however, are there any other suggestions? He mainly complains of havi…

View Auricular acupuncture
published by archived-user, 01-14-2010

Submitted By: Aphrodite I am new to this forum. It has been brought to my attention that the vagus nerve innervates the auricle of the ear and that one of the functions of auricular acupuncture is to affect the organs of the body. I realize this is a question from a very western medical point of v…

View Celiac Plexus (CV14 area)
published by SamL, 03-30-2009

Hi-Is it okay to Tong Ren tap around the CV14 area. I have a blockage in that area. I know it is a large network of nerves. If not is there another way to address that area.ThanksSam

View Heavy sweat
published by Ellen_Nielsen, 03-08-2009

As a rather new acupuncturist I enjoy reading your page and hope you can help me. I have difficulties finding the rigth way to treat a 60 year old woman for hevy sweat that smells.She came to me with running nose and eyes (no cough) provocated by some vegetables (carrots, tomatoes ect.) and some sm…

View Liver Cirrhosis
published by valtiti, 01-28-2009

Thanks for the good work you people are doing. More greese to your elbow. Please can I know Acupuncture treatment protocol for Liver Cirrhosis. Thanks again for everything.

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