Herbs That Regulate The Qi

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Regulate The Qi - Herbal Functional Grouping (18 herbs)
Herbs That Regulate The Qi General Introduction
  • Used with Qi disorders involving deficiency and stagnation.
  • These herbs are primarily used for stagnation involving the spleen and stomach, constrained liver qi, and stagnant lung qi.
Herbs That Regulate The Qi Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Choose the appropriate herbs based on type of obstruction, nature, location:
  • Chen Pi vs. Qing Pi
    • Chen Pi - more harmonious, enters qi level of the spleen and lung, vertical (coughing/vomiting).
    • Qing Pi - scatters and unblocks, harsh, used to break up qi stagnation, horizontal (pain).
  • Mu Xiang vs. Xiang Fu - both for abdominal pain.
    • Mu Xiang - promotes movement of clumped qi in stomach and intestines - distention and fullness of epigastrium and abdomen along with diarrhea.
    • Xiang Fu - disperses/spreads stagnant qi in the liver and stomach, best used for problems secondary to emotional constraint, epigastric and hypochondriac distention and pain, menstrual problems.
  • Wu Yao - warmer and more restricted to cold problems - for pain anywhere in the truck from the genitals to the chest.
  • Selection Based on Accompanying Symptoms:

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