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Brain Tumour

published: 10-23-2013

Submitted By: panzerHI, I have a client with a stage 4 brain tumour. He is just starting one month of radiation therap…

Bone cancer help

published: 02-24-2011

Hi everyone Just treated a lovely lady who came in for facial acupuncture. The intake process highlighted that sh…

Hand Tremors

published: 06-27-2010

63 year old male with sudden onset of right hand tremor. Extremely spastic, intermittent, but comes on every few minu…

Nerve deafness/acupuncture

published: 04-06-2010

I am interested in finding out whether anyone knows or has had any experiences with acupuncture and nerve deafness? I h…

Our Growth Hormone

published: 03-07-2010

Greetings!!! Can acupuncture promote and increase our growth hormone, even if in late ages? I…

Scleroderma reynauds syndrome

published: 02-17-2010

HI Everyone, I am a massage therapist, myofascial release, but am very interested in Oriental medicine and bodywork. M…

PTYALISM (hypersialia) treatment in Cerebral Palsy

published: 02-13-2010

Is anyone know about how to stop saliva secretion which cerebral palsy children have to much. This is really big probl…


published: 02-01-2010

>Dear Mrs,sire, I would like o know about acupuncture points for pephigus treatment. > thanx in advance > Vah…

Pancreas of the PIG

published: 01-12-2010

Greetings YYT staff! I have read a book about acupuncture, in treating Diabetes, it recommends to eat a pancreas of …

Intractable idiopathic tinnitus

published: 12-08-2009

Patient is mid 20's, female Last january, aprox 1 year ago, she was exposed to some environmental pathogen, probably mo…

Motor Neuron Disease (MND)

published: 07-30-2009

Hi Chad, I have read the section on MS. I want to know about MND. The patient is diagnosed as a patient of extended (no…


published: 05-24-2009

I've found in this site the :h5-tong li line", is refering to lessen the burden of acupuncture. I know a case where the…

Tong Ren for Emotion

published: 04-11-2009

Hi Chad: I work a lot with people who have emotional issues. I know the main points but am trying to refine a few thing…

Cluster headaches

published: 03-29-2009

Hi, has anybody had success treating cluster headaches with acupuncture or herbs. I am a UK practitioner. I would appr…

Acupuncture protocol for Recurrent Brain Tumor

published: 02-27-2009

Submitted By: dpancakeJust wonder if anyone has a protocol to share of treating brain tumor using Acupuncture?

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