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I have an 87 year old patient that is presenting with what looks like edema of the hands. He complains of pressure in his fingers (which are swollen with tight skin, no pitting). His face is red all over. He has only slight swelling in his feet. He has sought treatment from western medical doct…

how to treat mentally unstable person through acupuncture

View Reproductive organ
published by dushyant_khatri, 09-27-2016

How can we treat phimotic ring in tcm

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published by Shachar_Naor, 03-04-2016

hello i wanted to ask a question about acupancture points involving the shen - which acupancture points effect the shen and are there points that strengths the connections between the kidney and the shen and a point that replanishes the shen like ‘long yan rou’ does? thank you

Simple Kidney Cysts are not considered a health problem in western medicine, particular those which are less than 5 cm. they need to be monitored once a year and the patient needs to obey a diet. Larger cysts usually drained with the special needle and filled with the alcohol, so it won’t regrow. H…

Dear dr, one of my family friend, aged 50 had met with femur fracture in her right leg. plate was fixed and it’s been 2 years now. The problem now is she is unable to bend her knees beyond 45’’ degree. After acupuncture intervention, she can move till 60’’ but not beyond that. The spot above UB 40 …

I've just started treating a new client who after a back accident about 3 months ago is now experiencing numbness, pins and needles in her right foot. The sensation starts at her 2nd and 3rd toes on right hand side, this can go to her ankles and sometimes her shin after 5 minutes of standing. The b…

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published by greendao, 01-03-2011

I've come across a study showing that moxa greatly reduced hotflashes occurrences as well as severity of hotflashes. Does anyone have details on what points would be the most beneficial for moxa use? If you could please post the acupoints as well as the source of the data, I'd appreciate it.

Hello, I am treating a patient with polyneuropathy in both her feet. She did get that after chemo, for Kahler disease. She also has a kidneydeficiency (only working for 15%), so she has to drink a lot! Now after the first treatment it became worse and she can't wear her shoes anymore! Her feet are …

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published by ygold77, 07-24-2008

I have a patient she isfemale 67 years old. She feels that she has a bladder infection since she hve had frequent urination that is better now and an uncomfortable feeling in her bladder. Shealso said that she felt like her bladder was falling out like after delivering her babies. There is no pain …

View Enuresis ( Child )
published by vladrof, 05-14-2008

What are the best points to treatment ENURESIS ?

My mum just had a hysterectomy operation and I want to acupressure her instead of acupuncturing her. Which points should I go for? Her uterus had been taken out, under the five element theory, her water has been harm and to heal using the mother-child theory, i would use the two metal organs, which…

:)I have a patient who has had a herniated disc since he was 17 years old. He is now in his early 40's. The pain is pretty much constant. Any suggestions on how to alleviate his pain? Do you think it is inappropriate to needle directly into the area of herniation?

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