CV 5

Acupuncture Point Theory

CV 5 Acupuncture Point Applications and Theory

The acupuncture point "CV 5" , 石門, is represented by "Shi Men" in pinyin and "Stone Gate" in english and may be found:

3 cun above CV 2 (pubic symphysis).

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • Generally, useful for patterns of excess involving the lower abdomen a/or urinary tracts.  Not used as often as other CV points.
  • Mentioned classically to both cause and treat infertility, although the cause may merely be incorrect needling which is specifically mentioned.  Modern texts have largely ignored these cautions.
  • Useful for lower abdominal pain of an excess nature, genital pain/itching, shan disorders, hernia.
  • Diarrhea, undigested food in stools, poor appetite, abdominal pain, edema.  

CV 5 has some precautions to be considered (see our precautions list).

No Deep Needling (NDN)
No Perpendicular Needling (NPN) No Deep Needling in Pregnancy, No Perpendicular Needling in Advanced Pregnancy

Cv 5 has the following theoretical associations which serve as important guideposts in designing an effective treatment protocol:

  • Front Mu Point of the Triple Heater Meridian.

Explore cv 5 functional grouping theory - MuShu, or read all point categories and related theory.

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