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Treatment of sudden death- grief plus shock

published: 10-20-2019

What are good points for grief and shock from dealing with a sudden death in the family

Want to recover from KD1 overcooling effects

published: 05-16-2017

I found on internet that kidney1 point is good for many health conditions. I applied pressure at this point only 6-7 ti…

What if we neelde ST36 & K1 toghather?

published: 04-17-2017

I am a student of 1st year from india , I read in a practicinor’s expiriance that , when needling KD1 & ST36 togath…

Tong Ren healing for auditory hallucinations

published: 07-12-2016

Sorry for I’m not good at English…(I’m Japanese.) Please tell me TongRen healing points for <auditory hallucination>.

Interupting Thought Cycles

published: 10-05-2014

Submitted By: vegapunkThis is probably a long shot but what the heck! Often times I get thoughts that keep cycling thr…

Morton's Neuroma acupuncture points protocol - foot pain

published: 02-19-2010

Please, can someone explain acupuncture protocol for Morton's Neuroma, symptoms are pain and feeling that something is …

Pancreas of the PIG

published: 01-12-2010

Greetings YYT staff! I have read a book about acupuncture, in treating Diabetes, it recommends to eat a pancreas of …

Heart indication for yong quan?

published: 10-02-2009

my chinese tai chi teacher told me that a pressure point that she calls "yung chuan" on the sole of the foot serves…

Tong Ren for Emotion

published: 04-11-2009

Hi Chad: I work a lot with people who have emotional issues. I know the main points but am trying to refine a few thing…


published: 01-16-2009

I used a form of self treatment called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and have had complications from it...Some told…

Feelings ,Microcosmic Orbit, Chakras

published: 11-30-2008

Hello,1) As i am going through my recovery process (Self Empowerment) from anxiety, i have come across one thing that i…

Unconciousness with closed eyes, no speech

published: 10-02-2008

hi sir,He is in unconciousness stage in ICU since last saturday(with eyes not yet opened,no speech,no right leg & a…

Braxton Hicks?

published: 04-11-2008

Chad,Have you ever used Acupuncture or Tong Ren for Braxton Hicks? Any thoughts on the subject?Many thanks!

Calming Qi?

published: 04-11-2008

Hi Chad,After tapping in Guinea Pig classes at night, I feel quite vibrant. This is a wonderful thing in the morning b…

Tong Ren During Pregnancy

published: 04-07-2008

Hi,Do the contraindicated acupuncture points apply to Tong Ren for pregnancy? I was wondering if it was ok to tap the …

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