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What are good points for grief and shock from dealing with a sudden death in the family

I found on internet that kidney1 point is good for many health conditions. I applied pressure at this point only 6-7 times. I saw myself next day as a too thin and weak boy. So, I want to regain my weight as fast as soon. so , please help me. my tongue has teethmarks and white coat.

I am a student of 1st year from india , I read in a practicinor’s expiriance that , when needling KD1 & ST36 togather the patient emidiatly loss her consciousness & on removing just 1 needle among the 4 she comes in conscious , Please explain who can this be ?

Sorry for I’m not good at English…(I’m Japanese.) Please tell me TongRen healing points for <auditory hallucination>.

Submitted By: vegapunkThis is probably a long shot but what the heck! Often times I get thoughts that keep cycling through my head over and over and over. Usually hypothetical conversations or fantasies. Once they conclude they start over again. Even though it's normal for me, I do experience it …

Please, can someone explain acupuncture protocol for Morton's Neuroma, symptoms are pain and feeling that something is inside the ball of the foot. Thanks

View Pancreas of the PIG
published by rodney, 01-12-2010

Greetings YYT staff! I have read a book about acupuncture, in treating Diabetes, it recommends to eat a pancreas of a pig. have you try this? do you agree with this? Thank you...

my chinese tai chi teacher told me that a pressure point that she calls "yung chuan" on the sole of the foot serves well in stimulating the heart. therefore, in many forms of tai chi, the foot is briefly set up on the front part, resulting in a stimulation of that point. from her description i …

View Tong Ren for Emotion
published by SamL, 04-11-2009

Hi Chad: I work a lot with people who have emotional issues. I know the main points but am trying to refine a few things. 1. Are there points on the head for the limbic system especially amygdala and hippocampus areas. 2. what about PTSD or traumatic memory issues. I assume these are stored in the …

View Acupressure
published by jaketrue, 01-16-2009

I used a form of self treatment called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and have had complications from it...Some told be to keep trying in different ways this same process, but every time I did things just got aggravated. This treatment uses tapping on acupuncture(acupressure) points while proces…

Hello,1) As i am going through my recovery process (Self Empowerment) from anxiety, i have come across one thing that is somewhat have similarity with the micrcosmic orbit and chakra system. That is, Richard Bandler (NLP Creator) has comeup with a technique to highten(raise) the feelings like if yo…

hi sir,He is in unconciousness stage in ICU since last saturday(with eyes not yet opened,no speech,no right leg & arm movement,breathing with semi ventilater & all pulse normel)due to bike accident.Dr said that cause is due to light damage in brain nerves.yesterday he moved his eye balls sl…

View Braxton Hicks?
published by tcm, 04-11-2008

Chad,Have you ever used Acupuncture or Tong Ren for Braxton Hicks? Any thoughts on the subject?Many thanks!

View Calming Qi?
published by tcm, 04-11-2008

Hi Chad,After tapping in Guinea Pig classes at night, I feel quite vibrant. This is a wonderful thing in the morning but a bit problematic if you need to head home to bed. Any suggestions for calming the qi after classes?Thanks!

View Tong Ren During Pregnancy
published by tcm, 04-07-2008

Hi,Do the contraindicated acupuncture points apply to Tong Ren for pregnancy? I was wondering if it was ok to tap the doll around the the sacrum, coccyx, perineum etc. (which seem to be in contraindicated areas) for hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy?Thoughts? Ideas?Many thanks!

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