UB 10

Acupuncture Point Theory

UB 10 Acupuncture Point Applications and Theory

The acupuncture point "UB 10" , 天柱, is represented by "Tian Zhu" in pinyin and "Celestial Pillar" in english and may be found:

1.3 cun lateral to GV 15 in a depression or .5 cun above the PHL and 1.3 cun lateral to the PML on the lateral aspect of the trapezius.

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • Relieves pain - neck issues, stiffness, ROM, occipital headache. For stiffness on one-side of the neck combine with SI 3 on the same side & GB 39 on the opposite side.  Upper back pain and/or shoulder pain.
  • Clears wind and relieves exterior cold - secondary point to release the exterior in wind-cold conditions, primary is GB 20.
  • Eye pain and/or blurry vision.
  • Calms the spirit - epilepsy, manic episodes, excessive talking.

UB 10 has some precautions to be considered (see our precautions list).

Avoid Moxa (MX)

Ub 10 has the following theoretical associations which serve as important guideposts in designing an effective treatment protocol:

Explore ub 10 functional groupings theory - Four Seas and/or Sky Window, or read all point categories and related theory.

A single acupuncture point is not commonly thought of as an empirical way to influence a TCM diagnostic pattern. UB10, however, is a strong candidate to be incorporated into an acupuncture protocol for patients who exhibit: Liver Wind and/or Shen Disturbance

UB 10 may potentially be used, in coordination with a well designed acupuncture treatment protocol, to influence the following conditions: Back Pain, Dizziness (Vertigo), Epilepsy (Seizure), Manic Depression, Neck Pain and/or Vision Problems

While not necessarily valid clinically, GB 12 (Dispel exterior & interior wind from the head - t…), GB 20 ( Dispel Exterior or Interior Wind - (exterior)…), GV 15 (Opens the orifices refers to the mouth, throat an…), GV 16 (Main point for wind, whether exterior or interior…) and TH 16 (Local Point. Tong Ren/Tam Healing System: Used t…) are nearby.

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