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Suggestions on how to treat edema of the head and fingers

published: 10-11-2018

I have an 87 year old patient that is presenting with what looks like edema of the hands. He complains of pressure in …

Extraordinary Meridians

published: 05-13-2018

Is it advisable when appropriate to combine Master and Couple points of Ren Mai and Du Mai Vessels?

Extro Ordinary Vessels, Dr. Manaka Method

published: 08-18-2017

Dear Friends of Yin Yang House, Hi from North Italy (Oderzo town, Venice area). First of all, I would like to thank the…

Carpal tunnel syndrome

published: 09-21-2016

**Female patient 44, with hyperthyroidism, has developed Carpal tunnel syndrome. It is just a beginning but she feels p…

Bulging discs L4 right side, L5 left side, numbness felt under pad around little toe, sciatic pain

published: 12-05-2013

Hi there, I am treating a man who injured his back 3 years back twisting and lifting a freezer out of his car.causing b…

Back pain treatment positions

published: 10-27-2011

Hello, Just a quick question: I have a patient with Spondylolisthesis (L5/S1, with pain and numbness down the right leg…

Long term neck pain & occipital pain

published: 07-01-2010

Female patient 50 years old. Menopause a few years ago. Main complain: occipital headache & neck pain for about…

Hand Tremors

published: 06-27-2010

63 year old male with sudden onset of right hand tremor. Extremely spastic, intermittent, but comes on every few minu…

Peripheral Neuropathy

published: 02-09-2010

Hi, I have today treated a gentleman, who was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. A pain in the right buttock travell…


published: 09-24-2009

when i was at college one of the lecturers told us of a point for pain all over the body i missed it can anyone help me…

Restless Legs Syndrome ( RLS )

published: 01-19-2009

Hi. What do you think about acupuncture treatment on Restless Legs Syndrome ? Beforehand thanks for help.P.S What do yo…

Burning Peripheral Neuropathy in Little Toe

published: 06-24-2008

I am new to practice and one of my first patients is a complicated patient with a myriad of symptoms. I was hoping to …

Back pain following car accident

published: 01-14-2008

Hello Patient: 27 yo female Complaint: Has had a car accident nearly 1 year ago. First symptom was an impossibility to …

Fractured pelvis

published: 09-24-2007

Submitted By: piWhat points would be recommended for someone who has suffered a fractured pelvis in 2 places from a fa…

Loss of balance

published: 04-23-2007

Submitted By: daphneMy patient, an 84 year old female has been experiencing loss of balance (as she is unsteady when w…

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