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hello, > > I am an Acupuncture Student in Toronto, CA. I have a friend whose > father is currently receiving dialisis because he had a kidney removed > and is currently only living with one kidney. I was wondering if there > is any type of treatment and herbs that anyone can recom…

Hi I have this so called IBS, here you seem to call it "nervous" stomach. Whatever =) My question is: is there some active point that I could use to immediately relieve symptoms? I'm not interested in overall treatement - that obviously requires a practioner and I'm seeing some, but meanwhile I ne…

Alot of people have come to me and said that alot of the time midway through a treatment they begin to feel somewhat cold. And then immediately after feeling the need to wrap up. This isnt due to room temp as they always say its a very cosy temperature. Is this just the body relaxing and therefore…

View Celiac Plexus (CV14 area)
published by SamL, 03-30-2009

Hi-Is it okay to Tong Ren tap around the CV14 area. I have a blockage in that area. I know it is a large network of nerves. If not is there another way to address that area.ThanksSam

View Acupressure
published by jaketrue, 01-16-2009

I used a form of self treatment called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and have had complications from it...Some told be to keep trying in different ways this same process, but every time I did things just got aggravated. This treatment uses tapping on acupuncture(acupressure) points while proces…

View Fatigue
published by vladrof, 11-13-2008

Dear Colleagues. Help on the issue. Following the admission patients feel very strongly that tired.As can be restored force?Thanks.

View Point Combination 4 gates
published by ygold77, 07-29-2008

When should four gates ( LI 4 and LV 3) be used together or more importantly when they sould not be used for a patient. From your previous answer you wrote to me that 4 gates can spread energy outward instead of keeping it in the body? Can you expend on that. Thank you for your clear and vry helpfu…

View Bladder infection
published by ygold77, 07-24-2008

I have a patient she isfemale 67 years old. She feels that she has a bladder infection since she hve had frequent urination that is better now and an uncomfortable feeling in her bladder. Shealso said that she felt like her bladder was falling out like after delivering her babies. There is no pain …

View Enuresis ( Child )
published by vladrof, 05-14-2008

What are the best points to treatment ENURESIS ?

View Tong Ren During Pregnancy
published by tcm, 04-07-2008

Hi,Do the contraindicated acupuncture points apply to Tong Ren for pregnancy? I was wondering if it was ok to tap the doll around the the sacrum, coccyx, perineum etc. (which seem to be in contraindicated areas) for hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy?Thoughts? Ideas?Many thanks!

View Ulcerative Colitis
published by anon65496, 02-11-2008

Hi Chad I'm currently treating a patient for chronic Ulcerative Colitis. He's very irritable, nervous, has diarrea 4 to 5 times a day , it's semi liquid. He has a burning sensation when going to the toilet. He has temporal head aches. He has great appetite, a big preference for cold drinks. That's …

View Undesired to eat
published by rodneyTT, 11-02-2007

can you give some points how to treat a 13 yrs old child, who had a fever before and now, he is having the ilnness of undesired to eat,, he did not eat for 2 days after he had a fever,, thanks,, rodneyTT

View Energy Axis
published by archived-user, 09-13-2007

Hi I've noticed that my energy comes up my back/spine area, goes into my neck/spine, starts up through my head then instead of going straight up and exiting or dissipating through GV20, it gets to the roof of my mouth and top of my ears area then pushes forward and swirls around the front of my hea…

Submitted By: piCan you tell me what points might be recommended for someone who is recovering from anorexia? The woman is 70 years old, 79 pounds and is seeing a psychotherapist, but the recovery is going much slower than desired. I was wondering if there were any acupuncture points that would …

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