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Has anyone had any experience with Thymoma as a disorder to treat? Be interested in hearing if you have and how you treated it?

patient presenting with stagnation of qi, moisture and phlegm. What points would you recommend. I haven’t started to treat her yet. Patient had laproscopic surgery for early stage breast cancer. Has become Lymphoedema. I believe i need to use SP6, GB34 and open to other suggestions. Thank You.

Have you treated ‘internal tremor’ felt mainly in the legs and without obvious external shaking? Maybe related to Thyroid issues and/or anxiety. Would the heart meridian points be applicable as used in ‘essential tremor’. Kind regards. Tony

View Autoimmune diseases
published by anon103714, 12-02-2016

What would be acupuncture/tong ren points for a person who has 5 autoimmune diseases?

View Carpal tunnel syndrome
published by anon231236, 09-21-2016

**Female patient 44, with hyperthyroidism, has developed Carpal tunnel syndrome. It is just a beginning but she feels problems while using that hand. I wish to know whether thyroid has any effect on long run, to cause any complications like this 2 also Some expert may please guide me about points…

Sorry for I’m not good at English…(I’m Japanese.) Please tell me TongRen healing points for <auditory hallucination>.

Hello, My question is would needling lesions on the spine (from multiple myeloma) cause any part of it to dislodge and wreak havoc on the body? I am unsure about needling local jia ji points. Thanks, Martin

View Hashitoxicosis
published by archived-user, 07-05-2013

Hello, new to Forums, was a Practiitoner until my wife had two failed spinal fusions and have been treating her as a full time carer for 9 yrs, our Daughter (39) has just been diagnosed with Hashitoxicosis, was wondering if anyone has treated this condition successfully with Acupuncure? Daughter ha…

View Smell of Burnt
published by Johanna-K, 10-05-2011

Hello, I have a patient that tells me he smells burnt for the past 6 months. I cannot smell it on him, he smells it inside his sinuses. Here is some more background information: Has been living for 10 years in a very harsh, humid and cold climate and suffers from joint pain (knees, elbows, spin…

View Headach / Tong Ren
published by yvette08, 06-19-2011

Hi, I have a question to Tong Ren healing. I've been diagnosed a few years back with a underfunctional thyroid. I came along Tong Ren and got the treatment for three month in which the results have been just sightly under the normal results. My doctor kept telling me to go back to Levotroxin and …

View Bone cancer help
published by ausbris, 02-24-2011

Hi everyone Just treated a lovely lady who came in for facial acupuncture. The intake process highlighted that she has bone cancer, malignant. There is no pain. Her cancer markers in her blood are abnormally high (higher than when she was diagnosed initially with ovarian cancer about 20 yea…

I would like to ask you, if you will be again so kind and help me with advice on treatment. The client is African nationality, living 8 years in Ireland, 49 years old male who suffers for about 4 years from extreme inner hotness - which is worsening, with no sweats = anhidrosis (just found t…

To my fellow tong ren practitioners: I am trying to find a person that has ever treated a client with Hashimoto's disease with tongren. Most of the clients with this disease will have a lump on the thyroid due to underactive thyroid gland. Does this lump disapear on its own once the thyroid is fun…

View Our Growth Hormone
published by rodney, 03-07-2010

Greetings!!! Can acupuncture promote and increase our growth hormone, even if in late ages? If yes, can you give me some points to trigger the releasing of growth hormone. Thank you so much, sir Chad.. More Power. …

HI Everyone, I am a massage therapist, myofascial release, but am very interested in Oriental medicine and bodywork. My question is: are there meridiam points useful for Scleroderma (autoimmune disorder) overproduction of connective tissue and hardening of the skin? Or possibly any herbs that c…

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