EX Huatuojiaji at T12

Acupuncture Point Theory

EX Huatuojiaji at T12 Acupuncture Point Applications and Theory

The acupuncture point "EX Huatuojiaji at T12" , 華佗夾脊, is represented by "Huatuojiaji" in pinyin and "Sides of Spine at T12" in english and may be found:

.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous processes of T12

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • T12 innervates the transverse colon and is used for colon issues such as constipation, diarrhea, or colon cancer.
  • Used  extensively within the Tam Healing System and Tong Ren Therapy. May be needled and used with tuina and/or tonren therapy.

EX Huatuojiaji at T12 may potentially be used, in coordination with a well designed acupuncture treatment protocol, to influence the following conditions: Colon Cancer, Constipation, Crohn's Disease, Diarrhea and/or Ulcerative Colitis

While not necessarily valid clinically, UB 21 (Main point for all Stomach related issues in TCM …) and UB 50 (Local Point.) are nearby.

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