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Points for Amblyopia

published: 03-03-2013

Hello. I have Amblyopia on my left eye since I was a child. The eye doesn't have any visual defects rather than it does…

Chronic Sinusitis/Headaches

published: 05-07-2012

Hi. I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for what seems to be my entire life. I pretty much have intense pres…

Headach / Tong Ren

published: 06-19-2011

Hi, I have a question to Tong Ren healing. I've been diagnosed a few years back with a underfunctional thyroid. I came …

Headache after acupuncture on head

published: 07-09-2010

Hi. I've had neck pain for about five years. It consists of dull ache, stiffness/decrease in range of motion, poppi…

One watery burning eye

published: 01-21-2010

I have a patient who suffers from a watery burning left eye. It is wierd because it only occurs in that one eye. I can …

Intractable idiopathic tinnitus

published: 12-08-2009

Patient is mid 20's, female Last january, aprox 1 year ago, she was exposed to some environmental pathogen, probably mo…


published: 05-24-2009

I've found in this site the :h5-tong li line", is refering to lessen the burden of acupuncture. I know a case where the…

Tinnitus protocol

published: 05-09-2009

One of my patients (50 yrs old woman) suffers from unilateral tinnitus (with a little hearing difficulty). It's chronic…

Learning points for acupressure &Tui Na

published: 10-26-2008

What is the best way to memorize the points on my own meaning without a teacher but using books? Where does one start …

Headache worsened after treatment

published: 08-05-2008

I had a new patient with a chief complaint of a dull headache around the eyes and in the back of the head at the base o…

Oromandibular dystonia

published: 07-23-2008

What points can I use and what herbs?Patient is female age 59. She has oromandibular dystonia for 3 years and taking m…


published: 06-17-2008

Submitted By: pejo_mstdHi! We are a group on a practice journey to Vietnam. To treat aphasia, they use some extra poin…

Dizziness and Valaskatagis Point Selection

published: 04-10-2008

Hello, great site. I have a patient that suffers from dizziness - mainly when driving. He has had this condition for …

Hairloss/ headaches

published: 09-14-2007

Submitted By: panzerhi, I have a client in her early forties with hairloss & itchy scalp. There is heat & cong…


published: 01-26-2007

Hello Everyone, I have a patient that I am currently treating for fertility issues and also recently for migraines. In …

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