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Basic Mineral and Vitamin Supplements Could Limit Covid-19 Progression (Study)

published: 06-02-2020

At this point there is a lot of unknowns about the proper direction treatment should head in covid-19 patients. A coupl…

Chinese Medicine Lifestyle And Herbal Approaches To The Coronavirus

published: 03-17-2020

The coronavirus is currently appearing in the US and has spread well throughout large parts of the world. As time has p…

Study Explores Anti-Asthmatic Effects Of Moxibustion

published: 03-11-2020

Moxibustion, or "moxa", is a widely utlizied adjunctive technique in Chinese Medicine. It involves the burning of an he…

The Inner Workings of Herb-Partitioned Moxibustion For Crohn's Disease

published: 02-19-2020

Crohn's disease is one of a number of inflammatory bowel diseases. Generally symptoms involve inflammation modulated ab…

Tai Chi Found To Slow Early Parkinson's Progression Delaying Need For Levodopa

published: 02-18-2020

There are nearly endless volumes of Tai Chi research and the health benefits that arise from the practice of it. Some s…

Study Finds Red Yeast Rice Lowers Risk Of Developing Diabetes

published: 02-12-2020

Red yeast rice, known as "hong qu" in Chinese Medicine, is a very commonly used herb to aid in lowering cholesterol lev…

Bloodletting Found Effective For Migraines - no not "that" bloodletting...

published: 02-04-2020

People suffering with migraines may do just about anything to be rid of them. What about bloodletting? While bloodletti…

Lack Of Sunlight May Promote Development Of Metabolic Syndrome

published: 01-28-2020

Metabolic syndrome is a multivariate set of issues where health problems such as hypertension, fluctuating blood sugars…

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Formula Shown To Prevent Post-Menopause Atherosclerosis

published: 01-22-2020

While far from a universal application, the Chinese Herbal Formula liu wei di huang wan plays an important role for aid…

Simple Combination of 3 Acupuncture Points Suppresses Systemic Inflammation and Reduces Oxidative Stress

published: 12-17-2019

Our body needs to keep a strong balance between helpful antioxidants, such as those found in plant based whole foods di…

Common Chinese Herbal Formula Effective Against Post-Op Delirium

published: 11-20-2019

Post surgical delirium is more common than people may realize. According to this study it may affect up to 37-46% of th…

Ren Shen Yang Rong Wan Found Effective for Post Cancer Fatigue

published: 11-12-2019

The process of treating cancer can leave the patient exhausted on nearly every possible level. Even when treatments are…

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