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ST36 Acupressure point

published: 06-28-2021 (1) comment

Please tell me How to locate ST36 Acupressure point…

soft tissue sarcoma - herb suggestions

published: 06-21-2021 (1) comment

I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. I have a recurring soft tiss…

Nasal polyps by using sanitizer

published: 06-16-2021 (1) comment

Hello, I have got nasal polyps and even after using the polyps treatment p…

lymphatic benign tumor

published: 06-16-2021 (1) comment

what is the best herbal to cure benign tumor under the armpit

Auto immune disease- Pemphigus vulgaris

published: 06-04-2021 (1) comment

My husband is suffering from Pemphigus vulgaris an auto immune disease. he…

Introduction to the Tong Ren Therapy - Energy Healing Method - discussion (2021-06-03 05:37:15am)

published: 06-04-2021 (1) comment

Related Post @ https:/…

Five Element Acupuncture

published: 05-24-2021 (1) comment

We don’t allow for individual referrals on our forums - to avoid them beco…

bechet's disease

published: 05-02-2021 (1) comment

Hi there, I have a 22 year old son ( we are from Canada) who is being trea…

Fibrosis Pulmonary

published: 04-29-2021 (1) comment

Hello. First of all I want to thank you for your website is a great source…

Vagul Nervous system.

published: 04-29-2021 (1) comment

Hi All I am looking for information on acupressure points to activate the …

Question about Shipping to EU

published: 04-29-2021 (1) comment

Dear Sirs or Madams, I wish to order products from your store, and unfortu…

Shen Tong Zhu Yu Availability

published: 04-29-2021 (1) comment

It was suggested by your herbalist there that I try the herb Sheen Tong zh…

Help for PoTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

published: 04-25-2021 (7) comments

Dear Friends at YinYang House, I am wondering if anyone there can help my …

acupuncture used to decrease opioids in bariatric surgery

published: 04-13-2021 (1) comment

Curious if you have an articles or insight into this topic?

Chinese Medicine Lifestyle And Herbal Approaches To The Coronavirus - discussion (2021-04-03 08:16:58am)

published: 04-06-2021 (2) comments

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Blood stasis in uterus and legs / herbal formula

published: 03-29-2021 (1) comment

54 year old female who presented with multiple uteri fibroids (myomas). At…

recurring boils

published: 03-29-2021 (1) comment

My husband and son have been getting boils for more than 2 years. There ar…

Female senior , Ovaries , as / if related to Brain Health

published: 03-29-2021 (3) comments

Reading regarding Brain Care , reference is made to the Ovaries/ Gonad - …

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published: 03-23-2021 (2) comments

Im an acupuncture student

published: 03-18-2021 (1) comment

im a chinese medicine and acupunture student from Macedonia, Europe. how e…

Meridian Pen / Electronic Acupoint Massager with Laser/ Electronic Acupuncture Tendon Retractor Rod

published: 03-17-2021 (1) comment

Hi, I want to ask what is the opinion on energy meridian pens (electric wi…

Cold and Thirst at night

published: 03-17-2021 (1) comment

Why do I get really cold when trying to fall asleep and also thirsty? I sl…

My Spleen is Weak

published: 03-16-2021 (1) comment

Hello! I have underlying condition with my throat for four years now. Ever…

Excess body heat

published: 03-14-2021 (1) comment

I have excess body heat. usually this occurs if I take some spicy foods or…

Help with Covid Symptoms

published: 03-14-2021 (1) comment

Hello I have got Covid. And I would really appreciate If any one would re…

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