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My Spleen is Weak

published: 03-16-2021 (1) comment

Hello! I have underlying condition with my throat for four years now. Ever…

Excess body heat

published: 03-14-2021 (1) comment

I have excess body heat. usually this occurs if I take some spicy foods or…

Help with Covid Symptoms

published: 03-14-2021 (1) comment

Hello I have got Covid. And I would really appreciate If any one would re…

Help for Nasal Polyps

published: 03-11-2021 (1) comment

I have a patient that has had nasal polyps for 34 years. He is now due for…

Clearing Personal Space of intrusions

published: 03-08-2021 (2) comments

How to shield and cleanse one’s energy Xi , body , “ personal space “ , an…

Stomach meridian? Stagnation / skin issues face

published: 02-28-2021 (3) comments

Hello, The last couple of years I’ve noticed some hard skin tissue around …

Esophageal Motility Disorder

published: 02-22-2021 (2) comments

This may seem very ironic but I am here on behalf of my acupuncturist. Sh…

Point location for extra point

published: 02-22-2021 (1) comment

Do you have a diagram for location of EX Tiandong

Stomach problems

published: 02-17-2021 (1) comment

Hi I am 70 years old, I am anorectic due to stomach problems. My stomach c…

Massage and acupuncture

published: 02-16-2021 (1) comment

Are there any contraindications to having acupuncture and then a massage? …

Fibromialgia x Rejeição

published: 02-15-2021 (1) comment

Qual a relação e os protocolos de tratamento para quem sofre de fibromialg…

How to treat Harmone imbalance in acupuncture

published: 02-03-2021 (1) comment

How to treat Harmone imbalance in acupuncture

Black stool indigestion

published: 01-28-2021 (1) comment

Hi my husband has black stool and he feels bloating, he feels like his foo…

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

published: 01-13-2021 (1) comment

Hi there! I have been prescribed Huang Lian Jie Du Wan (5 pills 3x per day…

Hemorrhoids and anal discharge

published: 01-11-2021 (1) comment

Can anyone has any good reports as to how to resolve this?

Crepey skin on upper arms

published: 01-09-2021 (4) comments

Have developed Crepey skin on the upper arms what is the cause of this in…

How to shrink and get rid of Hemorriods

published: 01-03-2021 (1) comment

Do you have any accu points to get rid of it or even shrink it in size?

Five Element Analysis

published: 12-29-2020 (3) comments

I filled up a five element questionnaire for my son and tabulated the dat…

Treatment for Gastroparesis

published: 12-23-2020 (1) comment

Hi Thank you very much for your help so far. I don’t have much confidence …

Question about abbreviation you use

published: 12-13-2020 (2) comments

I read somewhere on this site: “Once a persons CF is decided upon” … Being…

Pins and Needles / Neuropathy

published: 12-11-2020 (3) comments

I’ve always been an anxious person, but last month I’ve had an episode tha…

Feeling Pain in the base of my right hand middle finger

published: 12-08-2020 (1) comment

Can anyone please help me understand why I might have pain at the base of …

Thyroid nodule recommendations?

published: 12-05-2020 (2) comments

Hello, My sister has a small thyroid nodule, she is 24 years of age. The n…

Family member in Coma

published: 12-04-2020 (2) comments

Hello, I believe strongly and understand the Chinese medical philosophy. M…

How to differentiate between the root cause and the branch?

published: 12-04-2020 (1) comment

I’m in school and I am finding this part the most incredibly difficult. Th…

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